Motivate and lead workers

Motivate and lead knowledge workers The ideas, experiences, interpretations and judgments of knowledge workers keep companies, businesses and society on their toes. They invent new products, develop new strategies, negotiate and help companies stay ahead of their competitors. Knowledge workers: A knowledge worker is someone who is employed based on their knowledge of a subject […]

Talk like a pro

Do you know that? The lecture, which one was actually already looking forward to, begins, but after a few minutes thoughts wander. Somehow the speaker fails to grab the audience’s attention. Speaking in front of an audience is not for everyone – at least that’s what the popular belief is. In truth, however, professional speakers […]

Time management – 7 tips

We all have 24 hours to fulfill our commitments and take care of other things in our lives that are important to us. But how do you get it all under one roof? Here are 7 tips. Tip no. 1 – It doesn’t work without a plan Our brain is good at tinkering, but it […]

The mindset of the successful

The mindset of the successful Why are some people so successful? Is it because you get up extremely early in the morning? It may be that this is conducive to success. But the right mindset plays a much bigger role. Anyone who wants long-term success has to work on their mindset. So let’s take a […]